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Best restaurant in Zetland tells you all about the Chinese New Year traditions

As the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland, Chinese New Year is an important event to us. Read on to find out more about the traditions during this festival as we, the best restaurant in Zetland is about to share our two cents.

The eve of Chinese New Year is the most important dinner of the year. On this very day, everyone from the family get together to have what we call the ‘family reunion dinner’. Two of the most important dishes during this dinner are fish and dumplings as they both represent prosperity.

Fireworks are used to ward off evil spirits on this day. Red packets are given by adults to young children to suppress the evil from children keeping them healthy and giving them a long life. They are essentially red envelopes with money in them ranging from as little as two dollars to a few hundreds.

As giving red packets is a significant tradition, Phoenix always prepare some empty ones of the eve of Chinese New Year when our customers dine in at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland.

Looking to hire a venue in Zetland for your Chinese New Year party next year or an Asian wedding? The best restaurant in Zetland has everything to offer to make your event a memorable one.