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Must eat foods at a Chinese wedding dinner, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Now if you’ve ever been to a Chinese wedding, you would know that the amount of food served is beyond humane, which is why we love them. So the best restaurant in Zetland will tell you about the must eat foods at every wedding that you will go to.

These dishes will normally be made from the freshest and best ingredients for their guests, here is what people are offered at our wedding venue in Zetland:

• Lobster and chicken both served with noodles, this represents longevity accompanied by the ying and yang (bride and groom)
• Scallops as in Chinese the phrase translates to “raising or bringing a child into your life”
• Abalone to represent an abundance of love in the world
• Whole duck which is the symbol of fidelity and represents peace, unity and completeness in marriage
• Fish is ideal mainly due to the fact that when translated it means abundance as well

These are some of the foods that you are bound to find at a traditional Chinese wedding. If you are looking for a function venue in Zetland, then ours is the place for you!

Feel free to get in contact with the best restaurant in Zetland with any booking or wedding enquiries you may have, or you can check out our menus here.