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What you need to know about the Chinese diet, by the best restaurant in Zetland

The Chinese diet is quite different to every other cultures diet, as they are not afraid to try new foods, or even certain foods that other countries might not like. So the best restaurant in Zetland wants to tell you what you need to know about the Chinese diet.

Here are 7 things in the Chinese diet that most people didn’t know about, but our Chinese restaurant in Zetland will tell you about:

• They like to limit the amount of drinks are consumed with food, especially cold water
• Soup is eaten at most meals because it is a nutrient dense meal that allows for people to fill up quickly
• Eat a ratio of 3:1 with veggies to meat
• Use small plates and chopsticks, everything is cut up into bite sized portions that are made to share
• Dessert is not as common
• Seafood plays a large part of their diet and is eaten almost daily
• Foods are eaten according to season, hot foods during winter and cold foods during summer

Each cuisine has its own flow to it that people follow and are accustomed to, and the Chinese way might be different but it definitely is enjoyable!

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