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Origin of the Chinese dumpling, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Have you ever wondered where the dumpling actually originated? A lot of cultures who have their own versions of the dumping believe that they hold the one true dumpling. Which is why the best restaurant in Zetland wants to tell you about the origin of the Chinese dumpling.

According to our staff at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland, the timeline of the original Chinese dumplings are as follows:

• Did you know that dumplings all began with a man called Zhang Zhongjing, who was also known as the ‘Medicine Saint’
• The origins of dumplings date back over 1800 years to the Eastern Han Dynasty
• During this period, a lot of the poor people were suffering from frost bite on their ears due to the immense cold
• This doctor then formulated a recipe, which he then folded all the ingredients into a piece of dough (known as the dumpling today), which resembled the shape of an ear
• Everything within this tasty meal was said to warm up the body from the inside and increase body temperature to prevent them from loosing ears
• Over years the food developed into the dumpling that we know today, full of flavours and reminds everyone of warmth and home

Everyone loves to eat dumplings from time to time (maybe even every day), so it is essential for you to come and try our home made ones during yum cha.

At our Zetland restaurant we offer yum cha for lunch, 7 days a week. Don’t forget to make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland and check out our menus to come prepared!