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Tips on cooking crab, by the best restaurant in Zetland

A lot of people become daunted with the thought of cooking a crab, but the reality is that it could potentially be one of the easiest things for you to cook. As the best restaurant in Zetland we have some tips that we want to share on how to cook crab.

Prior to this though, we do recommend coming to our Zetland restaurant to try some of the best crab you’ve ever eaten, then you’ll want to follow these easy steps to replicate our dishes in your own home:

• Always make sure that you clean your crabs first
• Fill up a large pot with water and season with salt or any other flavours you want to incorporate. Bring to a rapid boil
• Place your crabs into the large pot of boiling water

o Large crabs take approximately 15-20 minutes to cook
o Smaller crabs take approximately 8-10 minutes to cook

• The crabs should turn bright orange once they have been cooked properly
• Remove the crabs and place in ice water to stop the cooking process
• Now you can either really creative and cook the crab in an array of sauces or simply serve up your fresh salt-water crabs!

We hope you enjoy your first of many experiences in cooking with crabs! Always remember that we serve an array of crab at our seafood restaurant in Zetland.

Be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland, we offer yum cha for lunch and our a la carte menu for dinner.