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The best restaurant in Zetland tells you all you need to know about Chinese lanterns

As the best restaurant in Zetland, we find it our duty to take you back in time to find out all about Chinese lanterns. These lanterns date back to the Eastern Han Dynasty 25AD – 220AD and the lanterns were originally used as lamps in ancient China. They were originally made from a range of materials and completed to impeccable designs, which were then hung up in their homes for light.

Did you know that during the ancient times that they used three different types of lanterns? Our Zetland restaurant will tell you what they are:

• Palace lantern – predominantly used inside the palace, these lanterns were made from expert craftsmanship using only the finest materials to complete them
• Gauze lantern – these are the world famous large red lanterns, did you know that they use to made from bamboo for the frame and the outer layer was done made from a gauze hence the name. These lanterns became a symbol of Chinese culture across the globe
• Shadow picture lanterns – this is what we can imagine television would have been like 1,000 years ago in China. Cut outs were used inside the lantern and rotate to cause shadow motions for entertainment purposes

As time progressed so did the lantern and today’s lanterns are as we see them, if you’re curious about what they look like be sure to take a look throughout our seafood restaurant in Zetland.

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