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Different types of nuts used in Chinese cooking, by the best restaurant in Zetland

The Chinese cuisine uses an array of ingredients and it is essential for you to try all of them! A key ingredient that is used throughout a lot of Chinese cooking are nuts, so as the best restaurant in Zetland we want to tell you about the different types of nuts used in Chinese dishes.

What kind of nuts are you most likely to find at a Chinese restaurant in Zetland:

• Chinese almonds
• Cashew nuts
• Chinese chestnuts
• Coconuts
• Gingko nuts
• Hazelnuts
• Olive nuts
• Peanuts
• Walnuts

One of the great things about using nuts in Chinese cooking is that they are interchangeable with almost any recipe depending on the flavours that you are looking for. The next time you visit our Zetland restaurant we recommend for you to try one of the cashew nut stir-fries we have on offer!

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