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Facts about the Lantern Festival in China, by the best restaurant in Zetland

At the end of Chinese New Year after the 15 days of celebrations, it is a custom for the city to celebrate with the Lantern Festival to finish it is off. So the best restaurant in Zetland has some facts to tell you about the Lantern Festival.

This day marks the end of the New Year celebrations in China and seen as a big event in their calendar, so our Zetland Chinese restaurant will tell you all about it:

• The festival first began during the Han Dynasty
• The Lantern Festival is very important as it marks the day where all New Year taboos are no longer in affect and everyone can go back to doing all the things they did prior
• There are a lot of customs that the Chinese follow to close off the New Year such as: lighting up lanterns; appreciating the bright full moon; setting off fireworks; guessing riddles on lanterns; dragon dancing; eating tang yuan and much more

There are many places in China where you can see some of the greatest displays of festivities but one of the best is right here in Sydney at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland.

So come on down to the best restaurant in Zetland for an authentic taste of China during lunch or dinner.