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The best restaurant in Zetland tells you what the different types of rice are

Rice is one of the most well renowned ingredient that is used in the Chinese cuisine as it is the largest staple food and can accompany almost any dish. As the best restaurant in Zetland, we will tell you about the different types of rice that gets used.

If you’re like our family, then you would know what most of these are and have them for dinner most nights depending on your chefs (mums) preference. As your go to Zetland restaurant we know about rice and here are the top types used:

• Arborio
• Basmati
• Black
• Jasmine
• Long Grain Brown Rice
• Long Grain White Rice
• Medium Grain White Rice
• Parboiled Rice
• Short Grain White Rice
• Wild Rice

If you are looking for ways on how long to cook each one, a tip for this is that the packaging has small cooking instructions on them to help you through the process (so you can never get it wrong). Keep in mind though that each type of rice can be used for different meals. If you come on by our Chinese restaurant in Zetland you will notice that we use a range of rice for different types of dishes.

Don’t forget that we are open 7 days a week offering yum cha during lunch and our a la carte menu for dinner. Be sure to check out our menus here.