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Most popular Sichuan dishes you can find outside of China, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Before we go into what dishes you can find at the best restaurant in Zetland, we’ll give you a little history lesson on Sichuan and its cuisine. Did you know that it is said this is where chilli originated from and a lot of the dishes that come out of this region are based around extreme levels of chilli (even some desserts use chilli!).

If you are thinking about indulging this in type of Chinese cuisine then we recommend for you to lift your chilli tolerance a little! Here are the most popular Sichuan dishes you can find at our Zetland restaurant:

• Kung Pao Chicken
• Sichuan Boiled Fish
• Dry-fried Green Beans (with or without chilli)
• Mapo Tofu
• Twice Cooked Pork
• BBQ Pork wrapped in rice noodles
• Cold Noodle Salad

They are some of the popular dishes from the Sichaun province that have gone global and taste amazing! Be sure to come on down to our Chinese restaurant in Zetland to try and array of authentic foods to open up your tasting pallet!

The best restaurant in Zetland is open 7 days a week, offering yum cha for lunch and our a la carte menu for dinner. Check out our menus here.