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The best restaurant in Zetland talks about Chinese alcohol

Every country has their own type of alcohol specialty, but many people aren’t aware of Chinese alcohol. It’s a good thing a lot of people aren’t because the majority of drinks that we have, contain a high alcohol percentage that people might not be able to handle! So the best restaurant in Zetland, wants to tell you what the most popular Chinese alcohol are.

Alcohol is a worldwide renowned drink that almost every country has their variant of. Our Zetland restaurant will take you through some of China’s most popular traditional alcohol:

• Pure Baijiu
• Maotai (is the most famous amongst China)
• Er Guo Tou
• Wu Liang Ye
• Jinjiu
• Pure Huangju
• Snake Wine

While there are multiple variations of each kind (just like western alcohol), these are some of the purest and strongest alcohol that China would have to offer.

Our Chinese restaurant in Zetland only condones responsible drinking!

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