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Traditional Chinese dishes you need to try, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Ok, so we might say this a lot but we really do mean it each and every time! The best restaurant in Zetland has come up with a list of the must try traditional Chinese dishes!

We don’t want to keep you waiting on this must try list, so here is our Zetland restaurants must try traditional Chinese foods:

• Spinach Noodles
• Fried Mashi
• BBQ meat (with the special seasoning)
• Cold vegetable dish
• Stinky Tofu
• Dumplings
• Mutton Stew
• Chinese hamburgers
• Cold mixed tofu accompanied with Aloe Vera
• Sweet and Sour eggplant
• Beef Noodles

While there are many more, they are the main must try ones for now! We recommend you try any of these if you get the chance and you can even find some of them at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland.

Be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland, we are open for both lunch and dinner.