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Popular Chinese festivals for 2018, by the best restaurant in Zetland

If you’re as excited as we are, we like to know and be ready for all of China’s big festivities, which is why we want to tell you what the popular festivals are for 2018. Don’t forget that the best restaurant in Zetland will be catering your hunger for all of them!

Here are some of our Zetland restaurant’s favourite festivals for the 2018:

• Chinese New Year - 16th February
• China’s Lantern Festival - 2nd March
• Qingming Festival - 5th April
• Dragon Boat Festival - 18th June
• Double Seventh Day - 17th August
• Hungry Ghost Festival - 25th August
• The Double Ninth Festival - 17th October
• Winter Solstice - 22nd December

Now that you know all of the 2018 celebrations and festivals, you know what days of the year to keep free so that you can have a feast at our seafood restaurant in Zetland.

Be sure to make a booking as Christmas draws near, the best restaurant in Zetland is sure to get booked out, so get in early!