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China's 8 amazing regional cuisines, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Travelling China is like experiencing a culinary rollercoaster, each city has their own type of food that they call a staple and each city has their own taste! How amazing does that sound? That’s why the best restaurant in Zetland will explain to you what the top 8 Chinese regional cuisines are.

Our Zetland restaurant believes that these are China’s most amazing regional cuisines:

• Cantonese – Sweet
• Sichuan – Spicy and Bold
• Jiangsu – Fresh, Salty and Sweet
• Zhejiang – Mellow and uses fresh ingredients
• Fujian/Min – Light, with mild sweet and sour
• Hunan – Quite Spicy, incorporates hot and sour flavourings
• Anhui – Uses a lot of wild plants and vegetables to form their cuisine
• Shangdong – Salty and Crispy, with seafood as the main ingredients

Each cuisine has its own element that adds an entirely different twist to the Chinese cuisine in general, with each one being as mouthwatering as the next.

Come taste a bit of each cuisine at the best restaurant in Zetland, but don’t forget to make a booking! We are open 7 days a week for yum cha during lunch and our a la carte menu goes live during dinner.