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The best fried rice dishes around the world, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Fried rice is this worldwide phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and each country or province has taken his or her own twist on this flavoursome dish. The best restaurant in Zetland will go through some of the best fried rice dishes across the globe.

While we believe that our fried rice is one of the best and don’t forget that you can try them as many times as you want at our Zetland restaurant. Some of the best fried rice dishes are:

• Hokkien Fried Rice - Chinese
• Fried Rice Nasi Goreng - Indonesian
• Lemon Rice – South Indian
• Paella – Spanish
• Risotto – Italian
• Biryani – India
• Katsudon – Japanese
• Kheer – South Asian
• Loco Moco – Hawaiian
• Onigiri – Japanese
• Sushi – Japanese
• Coconut Fried Rice
• Suman – Philippines

Some very simple and alternative fried rice dishes that have impacted our food palate, making it even more diverse than before! So be sure to visit the best restaurant in Zetland any day of the week for yum cha during lunch hours and dinner at night!