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Differences between authentic and overseas Chinese food, by the best restaurant in Zetland

The general assumption and gist of things when it comes to Chinese food is that if it is from outside China, it isn’t as authentic unless you venture out and find proper authentic Chinese restaurants in that country. The best restaurant in Zetland will explain to you the key differences between authentic and foreign Chinese food.

The key differences that our Zetland restaurant noticed were:

• The ingredients used: across the globe we can see that Chinese food is tailored to the popular types of food that are consumed in that country, while in China they use exotic ingredients some of which would not be eaten in other countries
• Authentic Chinese food is not just about hunger, it is also used for medicinal purposes, whereby overseas it is generally about filling your stomach
• In authentic cuisines, the food and menu becomes seasonal while the overseas menu will stay the same for the entire year
• A few examples of non-Chinese food include:

o Fortune cookies and prawn crackers
o Broccoli Stir Fry (Western broccoli isn’t native to China)
o Fresh Chinese Salads
o Iced Tea
o Beef Chow Mien

There are some distinct differences between the two types of Chinese food, but it is clear that their origins and authenticity relate back to the mother land. So be sure to try our Chinese food in Zetland and let us know what you think!

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