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What the Chinese eat for breakfast, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Breakfast dishes across China are different in each province, so in order for the best restaurant in Zetland to give you a rough idea of what the Chinese eat for breakfast, we’ve cultivated a list of the most popular foods consumed in the morning.

Majority of these dishes are found ready to eat in street stalls or are cooked in front of you, here are the most popular breakfast meals according to our Zetland restaurant:

• Soy-bean milk with deep fried dough sticks
• Steamed Buns stuffed w/ meat, soup, or nothing
• Tofu pudding
• Wheat noodles
• Steamed Glutinous rice
• Congee
• Wontons or Dumplings
• Pancakes with eggs
• Small Dim Sum meal

As you can see, their breakfast meals a quite different to what is offered in Westernised cultures.

So be sure to come in and try our yum cha in Zetland.

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