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A brief history on Peking Duck, by the best restaurant in Zetland

We all know and love Peking Duck and for those of you who still have not experienced this masterpiece, we highly recommend it! The best restaurant in Zetland will briefly tell you about the history of Peking Duck.

So the origins of Peking Duck date back to the Ming Dynasty, which is roughly 600 years ago! It was said that cooks from all over China came to the capital city of Beijing to cook some of the world’s greatest dishes, most of which were invented right there! Peking Duck was kept for the royals only and many chefs wanted to learn the skill of this dish, so as the world started to change people were attempting to sneak out the recipe. After the fall of Ching Dynasty, new restaurants opened up around Beijing serving the exclusive Peking Duck bringing it to the masses.

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The cooking process of this dish is rather interesting, as air is pumped through the duck to ensure that the skin is separated from the fat. It is then hung up to dry and oven roasted until it is crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside! Each duck of course has its own special touch to it, with regards to the chef.

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