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The most famous cities in China brought to you by the best restaurant in Zetland

If you are looking for your next destination somewhere in this wonderful world, the best restaurant in Zetland recommends one of or all of the most famous cities in China! These mega cities will have you in awe as you wonder through each ones rich history, you’ll fall in love with every aspect especially the food and culture!

Just remember that our Chinese food in Zetland is the most authentic and can potentially take your taste buds across the world. Here are the most famous cities in China:

• Beijing
• Shanghai
• Hong Kong
• Guangzhou
• Taipei
• Macau
• Lhasa
• Shenzhen
• Chengdu
• Nanjing

While there are countless places for you to visit, these would have to be some of the most enticing cities for you to be in when visiting our motherland!

Feel like some authentic Chinese food or amazing dumplings? Be sure to come to our Zetland restaurant, which has taken influences from all of the famous cities in China.

Be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland for lunch or dinner!