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Interesting facts about Chinese food, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Chinese food and culture is so vast that you really don’t know where to start. That’s why this week the best restaurant in Parramatta will just bombard you with a range of interesting facts about Chinese food that we hope you didn’t know yet!

If you pay close attention to our Zetland restaurant’s menu, you can see how much of these facts are really true!

• We have the world’s largest variety of flavours
• Northern dishes are based around wheat and noodles, while southern dishes are based around rice
• Chinese consume huge quantities of vegetables
• Also a huge variety of vegetables
• Food is always fresh in China
• Chinese people even eat edible bones
• Everything is bite sized to accommodate for the chopsticks
• China uses 45billion pairs of chopsticks a year
• The same food can get cooked a dozen different ways
• Food is symbolic

We hope that you learnt a thing or two about the Chinese food culture, so the next time you come into our Chinese restaurant in Zetland, be sure to try a range of our foods to get the real flavours.

Make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland and enjoy some authentic Chinese food.