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The Chinese cuisine, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Most of us love our food, same for the Chinese! Their cuisine is filled with a rich history that stretched from thousands of years ago. Different places in China have different styles hence different tastes, so let the best restaurant in Zetland explain the Chinese cuisine.

The main staples of Chinese food include:

• Rice
• Noodles
• Soybeans
• Wheat

Each one is specifically from a certain region of the country, whether it is the north, south, east or west. But they each allow for their province to truly display a taste of their culture! At our Zetland restaurant, we like to showcase a variety of foods from across the country to ensure our customers (you) don’t miss out on anything!

At East Phoenix, we serve a wide selection of dishes such as Peking Duck to Sang Choy Bow, BBQ Pork, Lobster and Crab! The options are limitless and you’ll never run out of things to try.

Make a booking today at the best restaurant in Zetland and have a taste of our cuisine!