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Fun facts about dumplings, by the best restaurant in Zetland

While we don’t talk about dumplings in our articles often, we seem to be eating them quite frequently! So the best restaurant in Zetland has some fun facts about dumplings for you.

Our Zetland restaurant dumpling facts are:

• Dumplings are eaten on the 5th day of Chinese New Year to resemble wealth and prosperity
• Wontons or dumplings are a staple food across China
• In Chinese, wonton means “swallowing cloud”
• Each province of China has its own version of the dumpling
• Dumplings are eaten in various forms around the world too (Italian ravioli, wontons, Jewish kreplach, Polish pierogi)
• All types of dumplings are filled with either meats, soups or vegetables

Next time you are at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland, be sure to order the Chilli wontons or steamed dumplings! They are both just so divine.

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