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Chinese food that have hidden meanings, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Food has meaning to all of us, but did you know that certain Chinese foods are eaten at specific times throughout the year because of their hidden meanings? Well the best restaurant in Zetland will explain the story behind some of these foods.

Hidden meanings are behind the following foods:

• Dumplings – eaten during the new year to promote wealth, due to their gold/ingot shape
• Sweet round sticky rice balls – represent togetherness during the Lantern Festival
• Glutinous rice dumplings – symbolise the Qu Yuan Commemoration
• Mooncakes – mean family unity and are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival
• Seeds – eaten at weddings to mean ‘bearing many children’
• Lobster/Chicken – means a good marriage
• Noodles – eaten during birthdays to show longevity
• Eggs – are consumed during the birth of a baby to mean fertility

Such simple foods that have a major impact on when they are consumed due to their symbolism, it is purely amazing how vast our culture is. Don’t forget that you can try some of these food at our Zetland restaurant!

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