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Chinese eating habits explained, by the best restaurant in Zetland

When you go to a Chinese restaurant it is important for you to know about their culture, eating habits and dining etiquette. The best restaurant Zetland will explain to you the Chinese eating habits.

You’ll want to be prepared for a formal Chinese meal in case you are invited to one by an important person, our Zetland restaurant wants you to be prepared and here are the common eating habits:

• Resting your chopsticks vertically in your bowl is highly frowned upon and is considered a harbinger of death, most Chinese restaurants offer chopstick stands for you to use
• When you’re eating fish at a Chinese restaurant, it is important to never turn over the fish when eating it. Eat all the fish from on top, work your way to the bones and then move the bones out of the way to get to the bottom of the fish
• Noodles are eaten during birthdays to celebrate a long life
• Tea tapping is when you tap the table to tell the person pouring your tea that it is enough, your tea cup should be allowed to run dry
• Don’t forget now that you need to always order in evens, you order a dish per person plus one or two making it even

The depths that Chinese eating habits and etiquettes can go into are so extent, so be sure to visit the best restaurant in Zetland any day of the week and enjoy an authentic meal.