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The top five symbolic Chinese foods, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Given the important role food plays in the Chinese culture, it is not surprising that many foods have symbolic meaning. The symbolic meaning of food may be a representation of how it looks or sounds in Chinese. The best restaurant in Zetland will tell you what the top five symbolic foods are.

The top five symbolic foods for Chinese people are:

  1. Eggs – The Chinese believe that eggs symbolise fertility and after a baby is born, the parents of the child whole a “Red egg and Ginger” party. Boiled eggs are passed around to announce the birth of their child.
  2. Noodles – They are a symbol of longevity in the Chinese culture, noodles are just as important at birthdays as a cake and it is considered very unlucky to cut a strand of noodle.
  3. Fish – In China a fish is served whole as a symbol of prosperity, it also has symbolic value because of the way the word fish sounds in Chinese “Yu”, which also sounds like the word riches of abundance.
  4. Duck – It represents fidelity in their culture and is normally red, as red is the colour of happiness.
  5. Chicken – it has similar a symbolism to dragons and phoenix’s. Chicken feet are normally served at weddings to symbolise good marriage and the coming together of two families.

We offer a range of these symbolic foods at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland, for you to indulge in.

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