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The history of dim sims, by the best restaurant in Zetland

A dim sim is a Chinese inspired meat or vegetable dumpling style snack that is very popular throughout Australia and New Zealand. The best restaurant in Zetland is going to tell you about the history of dim sims.

This dish normally consists of small amounts of lamb, pork, cabbage or other flavourings all encased in wrapper very similar so the Shu Mai dumpling. Dim Sims are either deep fried or steams and are commonly served with soy sauce.

The ironic thing about dim sims is that they originated from Australia, due to Chinese inspired origins, we also know that these tasteful bites aren’t only sold in Chinese restaurants. They are sold around the country in all sorts of shops like fish and chip shops and also takeaway shops.

Dim Sims are apart of our course at yum cha in Zetland and we love for you to try them!

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