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Health benefits of Chili Oil, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Chili oil is used throughout many dishes in all of China, but it first originated from Sichuan and was made to remove some of the heat in most of their dishes. We also should state that there are some health benefits from using Chili oil, the best restaurant in Zetland will tell you about them.

Some of the health benefits include:

1. Source of Protein: every 100 grams of chili pepper contains 1 gram of protein
2. Vitamin D: Chili oil contains vitamin D that protects you against Alzheimer’s Disease, bone weakening and cancer
3. Good for the heart: It takes care of the cardiovascular system due to it containing Capsanthin but only in small quantities
4. Iron: Chili oil contains iron, which helps prevent severe illnesses

Our Zetland restaurant incorporates Chili oil in some of our dishes so you get all the health benefits.

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