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A history about noodles, by the best restaurant in Zetland

There lie claims from the Chinese, Italians and Arabs about who made the first noodle, but who really did invent the noodle? The best restaurant in Zetland will tell you all about the history of noodles.

Did you know that the earliest recorded history of noodles appears in a record book written AD 25 and 200 in China! Noodles have been a staple food in many countries for over 2000 years. The oldest noodles were found in an overturned sealed bowl buried under 3 meters of sediment in Qinghai, Scientists determined that the noodles themselves were over 4,000 years old!

The Chinese invented many different kinds of foods after they were introduced to the grinder and had the ability to turn wheat into flour, but here at our Chinese restaurant the only thing you need to worry about is eating all this delicious food we have on offer.

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