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Best Chinese seafood restaurant in Zetland - Chinese staples that you probably didn't notice

Apart from green spring onions, ginger and coriander, there are other Chinese staples that you probably didn’t notice but have eaten before.

One of the common ingredients used in Chinese style fried rice is the Chinese sausage. It is usually made of pork and has a sweet and smoky taste. It can be found rolled and steamed in some dim sums.

Whenever you go for yum cha, you can see all sorts of fried and steamed spring rolls. Spring roll wrappers is no doubt a staple. Remember that spring rolls you had the last time? You can easily buy spring roll wrappers off shelf from Asian grocery stores and put in all kinds of fillings.

Rich in proteins and minerals, the next staple ingredient in Chinese cuisine is tofu. It is made from soymilk and the consistency feel somewhat like cheesecake. It is used in soups, salads, stir-fried dishes to deep-fried dishes, basically everything.

Hungry for some Chinese food or looking for a wedding venue in Zetland, East Phoenix can fulfill both of those needs! Available for private hire, call us now to find out more!