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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on interesting Chinese food fact

Different cultures expect different behaviours and do thing differently. East Phoenix Chinese Restaurants presents you with interesting Chinese food facts that will surprise and delight you.

Unlike the western culture, the Chinese drink soup at the end of a meal. Why so? They said that soups allow for better digestion, especially after an entree of pork or duck. However, many full service Chinese restaurants in Australia have already tailored to the local habits by serving soups as the first course of the meal.

Do you know that ice cream actually originated in China around 2000 BC. According to accounts left by histories, one of the emperors enjoyed ice cream and kept it as a secret until Marco Polo visited China and took it to Italy.

Back in the days, food in China are prepared in small pieces that could be picked and eaten with chopsticks as it is considered inappropriate to use forks and knives on the table like how we have our steaks. Forks and knives are considered weapons, thus, it should not be on the table.

What the Chinese have for breakfast is also different from the westerns. Breakfast food ranges from bread, fried pancakes, to rice and noodles. They also start drinking tea in the morning.

If a Chinese friend hosts you, don't be surprise when they turn the head of an animal, for instance, fish, chicken or pig, directly facing you as it is a sign of respect.

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