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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on weekend family activity - yumcha

Do you know that ‘yumcha’ and ‘dimsum’ are actually cantonese words, not Chinese? Yumcha means drinking tea and dimsums are cantonese food prepared as individual bite-sized portions. Due to the bite-sized portions, people usually order more varieties to share around. The common teas served during yumcha are jasmine or green tea. Yumcha is sharing!

The unique point about yumcha as opposed to normal dining is that you get to see and pick what you want to eat. It is acceptable in Chinese culture to get to the carts instead of waiting until the carts come to the table. So if you can’t wait for some mango pancakes, feel free to get it. 

Back in the old days, there are these small teahouses by the roadside that provides teas and small portions of food for the rural farmers and travellers who needed a place to rest. That is “yumcha” in the past. Now, “yumcha” is about getting together, like a social occasion, when families and friends gather to enjoy delicious dumplings and catch up.

The best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant serves yumcha and dinner 7 days a week. Book us soon!