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Best restaurant in Zetland: Tips to eat yum cha healthily

It is challenging to eat healthy at yum cha because the word ‘yum’ is in the name for a good reason – too yummy, too irresistible.

Everyone is getting more and more healthy conscious, we try to exercise and eat healthy regularly. How do we eat yum cha healthy? We either eat unhealthily and exercise twice harder or just make the healthy choices.

The thing about yum cha is that it tends to make us overeat, because of the wide variety of dim sums and the lovely aunties pushing the carts around us.

As a general guideline to eat healthy, avoid the deep fried dim sums and go for the steamed ones. Instead of the crispy fried prawn toast, go for the steamed prawn dumplings. Dip some vinegar for extra flavouring! Drink loads of tea as it aids digestion and “clears” out the oil. If you can, avoid the desserts, so eat the smooth soy beancurd without sugar syrup.

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