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Best restaurant in Zetland: Don'ts when indulging XLBs

What is XLB? It is an acronym for xiaolongbao! XLB is a dim sum dish, which is also known as juicy or soupy pork dumplings in Australia.

There are a few don’ts you should follow when eating these little tender dumpling filled with rich, piping hot broth and delicious marinated pork or crab fillings.

There are two main reasons why you should follow the don’ts, because you might scald your tongue and you might miss out on indulging the real essence.

Don’t immediately grab the dumplings when it is served. Hold your excitement for a minute and let the skin harden a little. Don’t grab or poke it, it will cause real damage to those delicate dumplings. The right way to obtain the little treasures from the bamboo basket is to pick it up from the knot on top, as it is the thickest part of it. Then slowly tear the XLB off the cloth beneath it, slowly. Next, don’t dump the whole XLB into your mouth. Remember the piping hot broth inside? Instead, bite the top off and let it cool down a bit. Then slurp up the real essence.

Ginger and vinegar are usually provided by you don’t need to use it, at least don’t drown the whole XLB into it. Ginger and vinegar actually mask up the taste of XLB, so instead have it without any extras first.

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