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Best restaurant in Zetland: A few eating habits of the Chinese that you should know

Remember the first time you came in contact with the Chinese culture? The differences gap is pretty huge isn’t it? Instead of using spoons, knives and forks, they use two slim, long bamboo sticks – the chopsticks. What is amazing is that, just with two of those sticks, they can pick up almost any food and successful bring it to their mouths.

Read on for all you need to know about the general eating habits of the Chinese so that the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant, you got something to show off.

The one prominent difference between Chinese and western is that the westerners will eat from their own plates while the Chinese shares the food. Other than that, when your host is Chinese, expect to find yourself in a state of “why did he ordered so much? I can’t finish and the table is already full”. In a formal dinner, expect at least eight hot and cold dishes each. For a rather informal one, expect at least four of each type.

In the Chinese culture, hosts have the tendency to pile up your bowl and/or plate, just because it is their way of showing politeness and hospitality. Do use both hands to accept the food if the host is older than you or just remain seated.

By now you should be mentally prepared of what to expect when a Chinese buys you dinner. Even if no one is buying you dinner, you deserve something yummy. The best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant serves yumcha and dinner 7 days a week. Book us soon!