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Best restaurant in Zetland: What should you eat during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a very interesting and meaningful festival for the Chinese. There are a lot of beliefs, dos and don’ts as well as superstitions.

The best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix, would like to share with you some of the must-eat dishes during Chinese New Year for luck!

What can be eaten? Everything with lucky meanings! But just to mention a few key ones, you should eat dumplings and fish for sure. Read on to find out more.

“Fish” in Chinese is pronounced as “yu”, which sounds like the word ‘surplus’ in English. By eating fish, people believed that it bring surpluses of money and luck in the coming year.

Dumplings look like ancient money (sliver ingot) back in the old days. By eating something that is shaped like that is believed to bring more wealth.

Drop by East Phoenix in Zetland soon! We serve a variety of dumplings over yumcha and fishes with your choice of cooking method during lunch as well as dinner daily.