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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland: Interesting Valentines Day facts to share with your love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner again! Other than bring him or her out for a nice meal, share some interesting facts that you are about to read in this article to impress your date that you actually did some research about this romantic day of the year.

On average, more than 50 million roses are given on 14th Feb worldwide. Of course, men buy most of it.

Chocolates are the most common gift followed by candies.

Apart from all these facts, what’s interesting are the Valentine’s Day superstitions! It is said that the type of birds a lady sees on 14th Feb is a prediction of her future spouse. For example, a sparrow means a poor man.

Also, the number of seeds found when cutting an apple into half will determine the number of children that she will have. Wake him or her up with a kiss on Valentine’s Day as it is considered to be lucky!

Are you ready for 14th Feb? Need a table? Call us soon, the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland – East Phoenix Chinese Restaurant. Delicious Chinese food is a pretty awesome idea. Happy Valentine's Day!