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Best seafood restaurant in Zetland tells you all you need to know about the upcoming Chinese festival

What is the upcoming Chinese festival after the Dragon Boat festival in June? It is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth month according to the lunar calendar. This year, it falls on September 27.

Typically in China, there will be a two day holiday as it is the most important festival after the Spring festival, which is commonly known as Chinese New Year. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is a time when people travel back to their homes to reunite with their families. Everyone will gather for dinner and admire the full moon while eating mooncakes.

In the Chinese beliefs, a full moon symbolises prosperity, and family reunion. On the night of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is supposed to be the brightest and fullest.

Festivals in China are generally a time for families to get together; it is a culture full of meanings and togetherness, just like the yum cha “concept”. What are you waiting for? Time to catch up with your family and friends. The best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant serves yumcha and dinner 7 days a week. Book us soon!