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Best seafood restaurant in Zetland: the significance of number four in Chinese culture

The Chinese culture is a very meaningful art with plenty of beliefs. Some people will think of it as superstitious, while some find it interesting.

In western culture, we believe that the number, thirteen is considered bad luck, while in Chinese culture, we have the number four. When number four is pronounced in Chinese, it sounds very similar to the word for death. That is why some restaurants and hotels avoid room as well as floor with the unlucky number. The numbering goes straight from 3 to 5, avoid 4. S

imilar idea when it comes to gifting, people like to give in even numbers, except for four. Six is considered lucky, as when pronouncing in Chinese it means “things go smoothly”. Not forgetting the favourite number of the Chinese, number eight! It sounds like “fa”, which means ‘prosperous’.

The best Chinese restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix, presents you with the number beliefs and hope you find it interesting. Next time when you visit us, do take note of our numbering!