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Best restaurant in Zetland: Three Chinese sauces that you need to know

Do you know what are the main sauces used in the Chinese cuisine? The three most popular ones are probably soy sauce, chili sauce and the black bean sauce. Read on to find out what are they generally used to cook with!

The most basic sauce that you can ask in every Chinese restaurant is the soy sauce. As the name suggested, it is made from soybeans. There are two types of soy sauce, the light soy sauce and the dark soy sauce. The light one has a lighter colour compared to the darker one and generally if you find your food not salty enough, light soy sauce will be your right choice to enhance the flavour. Dark soy sauce is more commonly used to cook dishes instead of dipping.

How can anyone miss chili sauce in Chinese cuisine, especially if it’s Szechuan Cuisine? If it doesn’t give you the “painful yet satisfying” sensation on your tongue and make you sweat, that’s not Szechuan style. Besides, just chili sauce, chili oil is commonly used Chinese food as well. Remember your dumplings with chili oil?

Made of salted black beans and rice wine, we have the black bean sauce. It is can be used to stir-fried with beef, grill with fish or steam with ribs!

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