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Best restaurant in Zetland: Tofu in the Chinese food culture

Tofu, also known as bean-curd, is a common Chinese food that is now popular throughout the world due to its nutrition levels. It is high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat. Researchers said that about 95% of it could be digested and absorbed. Do you know just simply 2 small pieces of tofu can fulfill a person’s daily need of calcium?

Tofu is made of soybean, thus it is cheap in cost to produce, making it one of the most popular food in China back in the days. As this food being brought to different parts of China, different methods of cooking then came about. Mapo tofu, stinku tofu and (tofu)beancurd dessert are some examples.

How is tofu made? It is somewhat similar to how cheese is made from milk. Tofu is made of soy milk from soybean, water and a coagulant. Constant pressing of soymilk will result curds into blocks of tofu.

It is a popular dish to eat during Chinese New Year as the ‘fu’ in tofu sounds like luck and by eating it, it symbolises bring good luck to the whole family.

Are you already craving for some tofu now? Dine at the best Chinese restaurant in East Phoenix soon! We serve a variety of tofu dishes such as tofu beancurd dessert over yumcha!