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Best restaurant in Zetland: All you need to know about Peking Duck Pancakes

Peking duck pancake is easily the most loved Chinese dish around the world! It is just so delicious that it makes everyone hungry just by thinking of it.

Just imagine the server removing the well-roasted and crispy skin from the meat in front you now. Next, you will pick up the pancake, put some sauce, cucumber and spring onions then wrap it all up. Then, enjoy that awesomeness.

Peking duck is a dish that can be traced back all the way back to 1200s and it was listed as an imperial dish. Until 1500s, the first Peking duck restaurant was opened and was so well-liked by everyone.

What is the right way to indulge this awesome dish?

Pick the crispy skin, dip it in the sauce then place it on the pancake. Next, add the spring onion and cucumber. Finally, wrap it up and quickly wrap another one before someone else eats it.

There is a saying “it's a pity to leave Beijing without trying the roast duck”. But now, you can also eat it here, in Zetland! The best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant serves yummy Peking duck! Book us soon!